Sensor-based and privacy-compliant

Technology for
Crowd Management

Dive deep into the secrets of your customer flows like never before with our revolutionary sensor technology! Capture every movement, every nuance directly at the vibrant core of your sales area. Seize invaluable insights in real-time, empowering you to steer visitor flows with unparalleled precision. The best part? Achieve all this while safeguarding your visitors' privacy and upholding the strictest data protection standards. Are you ready to redefine the future without compromising privacy? Discover how we can transform your business into a powerhouse of innovation and insight!

Secure the benefits of sensor technology

»Understanding the customer Journey by mining their data and analysing their behaviour without jeopardizing GDPR is the core of our technology. In essence, like a journey, it's about knowing how long it took, where exactly you've been, what was nice, what maybe not so much.«
Thomas Reinhardt, Founder
Real-time information, analysis, and forecasts

Increased efficiency through movement and behaviour monitoring

Long queues, confusing visitor guidance or hidden product range positioning: as an owner, manager, or branch manager in stationary retail, as an event organizer or as an operator of passenger transport systems, you want to avoid both inefficiencies in your processes and dissatisfaction among your customers and visitors.

XPOLI's sensor-based and privacy-compliant tracking software helps you measure movement and behaviour patterns of people on your sales and usage floor in real time without collecting personal data of your visitors. The movement and behaviour data collected by means of sensors is aggregated, analysed and visualized, and can also be compared with historical time series during evaluation. You receive short- and long-term forecasts as well as concrete recommendations for action to improve movement flows, product range and space utilization.

Our technology was developed with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, a global leader in applied research. The connectivity of the technology with customer apps or digital signage systems is given.

The use of motion sensors is simple and without complications:

  • Sensors are not visibly recessed in the ceiling
  • The entire sales and usage area is covered
  • Installation is turnkey along existing supply lines
  • The sensors require "free sight" ("line of sight")
  • Power outlet and Internet access are required

Advantages of our AI-based software at a glance:


Low investment

Low energy

No use of cameras,
video, or radio

data acquisition

Everything is done in absolute compliance with data protection regulations. No visitor’s consent is required, neither own staff nor visitors are recorded as persons.



We are asked again and again whether our software is really privacy compliant. We can answer this question clearly and unambiguously: Yes, it is!

XPOLI works with sensor technology based on the "privacy-by-design" principle. This means data processing procedures already integrate data protection into the technology when it is created. Personal data is never recorded, nor does it collect cookies. Both, our sensor technology and the measurement, analysis, and evaluation of captured motion and behavioural data fully comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Example of data protection in stationary retail: Customers' personal behaviour is not relevant and is not tracked by our sensors. For example, we do not record or measure what they put in their shopping baskets. Instead, we show retailers which shelves are the most popular. They can see where customers spend more time, where they pass by quickly, and which parts of the store are visited more and which less. And find out the reasons why.

Digital twin

Optimize space utilization, product range and movement flows

By monitoring people's movements and behaviour using sensors, XPOLI provides you with data protection-compliant analyses and recommendations for action to improve numerous processes relating to your event and usage space.

The basis is always the digital structure of your sales and usage area. With the help of this "digital twin", all movement paths between the merchandise groups captured by the motion sensors in real time are aggregated and the sales floor is visualized. In this way, AI-based movement and behaviour patterns can be detected and forecasts and recommendations for action can be derived.



Visitor flows or even customer paths and shopping behaviour are recorded, and the data immediately evaluated. Using these live features, recommendations for action can be made and implemented in real time. For example, to optimize staff deployment at checkouts, reduce queues, better manage visitor flows or even make recommendations to visitors. The connectivity of the technology with customer apps or digital signage systems is given.



By evaluating all paths, movement and behaviour patterns and comparing them with previous analyses and historical time series, valuable recommendations for action can be made for the future. For example, for controlling visitor access on individual trade show days and for "in-store optimization".



Based on the data collected and aggregated in real time, you receive forecasts for short- or long-term response. Based on these pre-analyses, you can, for example, adjust your staffing requirements to an increasing flow of visitors with a lead-time of around 15 to 30 minutes or optimize the visit planning of your trade show booth in the long term.

Benefit from attractive service packages and offers. We recommend project duration and data collection of at least 18 to 24 months to be able to take seasonal effects into account more precisely when interpreting the evaluations.