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Secure valuable information about customer paths, product interests and decision-making behaviour of you customers in stationary retail.

Below, we explain which product you can use to increase your success as a supermarket and drugstore and become competitive with e-commerce.

Currently, we offer four live products to increase purchase rate, sales and profitability:


This calculates the current number of visitors so that customers are already informed of access restrictions and expected waiting times at the store entrance by means of large-format display screens. During the Corona pandemic, it was shown that the People Manager enabled an average of around 100 more customers to gain access to the store than other counting methods, such as using shopping carts. Access control is further improved by the fact that People Manager records customer movements as the leave the checkout.

Realtime People Peak meter

This provides real-time information about the market’s occupancy on your homepage. By coupling it with XPOLI movement tracking, this is always up to date and accurate. This allows the customer to better plan his visit to the store and adapt peak loads for the staff in the store


Control your checkout staffing efficiently. Reduce queues at an early stage. The checkout line manager reduces the waiting time for customers by intelligently calculating the required checkout capacities in advance. This efficient checkout management system provides you with regular forecasts for the next ten minutes or so, ensuring optimum and predictable staffing levels and increased customer satisfaction be reducing waiting times at the checkouts.

Fresh food counter manager

Reduce queuing at your fresh food counter and reduce stress for your staff. Install a ticket machine for the fresh food counter already at the entrance of your supermarket. Instead of spending time waiting in front of the counter, the customer shops. By linking the receipt to path analysis, you gain valuable information about your customers’ interests and shopping behaviour. Based on the path analysis, you are thus able to initiate impulse purchases through advertising screens of sales islands in corridors, as well as to increase purchase rated and sales, especially in phases of maximum occupancy or when access is restricted. With our technology, evaluations are possible over a period of up to one week and, in the medium term, optimized deployment planning for your counter staff.

Our promise of success

„We work with a clear methodology that runs through all our work. Our evaluations are always about finding levers that make a retailer more successful.“

Success stories
from practice


With the help of an analysis of the cash register receipts and a qualitative analysis of the sales area, the sales quantity was increased, and the positioning of the higher-turnover products was optimized in the sales area of a gas station.


Around 25 percent of non-shoppers react positively to our "electronic assistants" (LED screen / digital signage) outside the supermarket and change their behaviour. Target these potential non-buyers with product offers.


As part of our Analysis Package 1.0, an analysis was conducted in a supermarket to determine how long customers spend shopping for certain product groups and when they buy or cancel the sale. Subsequently, an increase in sales of 30% was achieved by changing the placement.

Further questions that provide you with important answers with the help of our technology:

How much time did customers spend on the sales floor?

Where and how long were products tested?

In which department did the customer not find products he was looking for?

What is the proportion of non-buyers and how did they behave in the supermarket?

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