We make our customers more profitable

Strong pioneering spirit

We are a motivated and passionate team with extensive expertise in sensor and AI-based software with multiple applications. We are characterized by a great pioneering spirit to make our national and international customers more profitable.

Our vision and mission

Young and experienced

Clear growth strategy

XPOLI was founded in 2020 by Thomas Pellkofer, Stefan Zeh, Thomas Reinhardt and Gunnar Payer, joined later in the year by Sabine Pellkofer and Philipp Freick. We are an interdisciplinary, intercultural & cross-generational team and combine retail experts, IT specialists and experienced managers. The focus on the potential of the complete customer journey in combination with excellent sales and marketing networks as well as reliable corporate governance is the guarantee for our successful corporate strategy.

Our corporate strategy is geared towards international growth. Among other things, we want to significantly increase sales and the number of our employees by 2026 and have successfully expanded into Europe and the USA. Our joint actions are based on a clear vision and mission as well as three core values.

Our vision

Bridging the knowledge gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Our Mission

We empower our clients to react in real time based on people's movement and behaviour patterns, improve processes, and increase profits. To do this, we use privacy-compliant sensor-based technology. We also ensure that our employees have high personal and professional qualifications and are motivated and passionate about serving our customers.

Our core values:


It is important to us that our customers profit from working with us. The same applies to business partners and all those involved in a project. Accordingly, we treat everyone with fairness and respect. In every project, our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers and partners. To achieve this, we are happy to go the extra mile. Working with us is profitable for all parties involved.


Our success depends on our collective energy, intelligence, and the contribution of all team members. For all employees to achieve the maximum, we provide them with all the necessary tools and resources, as well as training. By delegating and taking responsibility, we act responsibly.


Our customers are facing intense competition. Accordingly, they need new, flexible and affordable solutions. By focusing on our customers' needs, working in a results-oriented and efficient way, we can offer them added value. We act in a solution-oriented way.