Trade Fair

Increase efficiency of
exhibitors and visitors

As a trade show organizer, optimize your visitor flows as well as your processes within your event or exhibition area.

Integrate relevant data from our electronic assistant into your trade fair app.

Better manage visitor patterns

With our technology, we provide real-time information on queues as well as on the utilization of defined areas of your usage space, e.g., exhibition stands, restaurants or event rooms. Furthermore, short-term, or long-term forecasts of when and how many visitors are to be expected at the trade fair stand, at the checkroom or in the restaurant.

Using digital signage systems and an API interface, this data can be integrated directly into your trade fair app to communicate recommendations to your visitors. For example, visitors who were unable to speak to an exhibitor at a booth due to high occupancy can leave their contact details or book an appointment.

Furthermore, exhibitors can be provided with historical data, including

Number of visitors and number and duration of conversations

Complete paths and touch points of all visitors (including interest in exhibits, time spent in front of displays and LED walls)

Number of visitors who left the booth again without engaging in a conversation

What other exhibitors or events did visitors visit before and after visiting your own booth?

Impact of marketing promotions such as displays and flyers.

Benchmarking with other store competitors / comparisons within halls / industries.

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