Performance Marketing

Targeted Advertising alongside individual Customer Pathways

Increase the purchase incentives of your customers and visitors on your sales floors and during your events with customized advertisements.

Identify the touchpoints and dwell times of customers and visitors with our privacy-compliant sensor technology and place tailored advertising alongside the pathways of your customers.

Set customised purchase incentives and increase sales!

Online advertising shows the way. Targeted advertising can be used along the digital customer journey to influence users' purchasing decisions on the internet and thus increase sales.

XPOLI now offers this opportunity to physical retailers, event organisers and operators of travel retail. They can place advertisements tailored to the needs and interests of the individual customer or visitor and set targeted purchase incentives.

For this purpose, we have combined the experience and advantages of online-based "performance advertising" with our data protection-compliant sensor technology and can provide our customers with essential KPIs ("Key Performance Indicators"):

Customer Pathways:

Where do the customers or visitors come from? Where do they go?


How many customers or visitors have seen the advertisement?


How long did they see it?

Engagement Rate:

How did the customers or visitors behave after viewing the advertisement?


Analysis based on the receipt: Which products did the customers or visitors buy after viewing the advertisement and how often?

XPOLI provides retailers with attractive and free offers, thereby creating synergies with advertising vendors.

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