Travel Retail

Increase purchase rate and sales

Improve visitor flows at airports earlier and better, so passengers can find your duty-free stores faster and navigate more conveniently.

At airports, railway stations and other areas of passenger transport, many people move around within public or access-regulated spaces. Especially during travel times, they are in a hurry, in a rush or move in groups. You can capture movement and behaviour patterns with our privacy-compliant sensor technology, reduce queues in front of entrances, counters, and control areas and at checkouts and improve security systems.

Especially at airports, travellers still want to make a quick purchase, for example in duty-free shops. You can manage visitor patterns earlier and better so that they can be targeted more quickly. Get important information about your customers and visitors by anonymously combining product purchase with airline ticket data in a privacy-compliant manner. Use these performance data to optimise the use of space in your travel retail business and improve product placement, for example at entrances or checkouts. Increase sales and purchase rates.

What are you seeing
How customers and visitors are moving and behaving on a specific surface.


Further topics that can provide you with valuable insights with the help of our technology:

How do I get real-time information to better manage queues at peak times?

Which pathways do travellers prefer to use in a public or even access-regulated space?

How do marketing campaigns such as displays, LED walls or flyers affect the purchase rate in stores or restaurants?

How much time do customers spend on the sales floor?

What is the percentage of non-buyers and how do they behave in travel retail?

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