Increase efficiency and profitability

Measure and evaluate movement behaviour

Improve your product range and space utilization as a physical retail business. Optimize visitor flows as an organizer and operator of passenger transportation systems. Become more efficient and profitable.

Cross-industry / Cross-sector

Realise advantages

Population growth on earth is increasing. More and more people are moving faster and faster on almost the same amount of space. Controlling flows of people is becoming just as difficult for organizers and operators of passenger transportation systems as optimizing shelf capacity and the range of products on offer for physical retail.

XPOLI has developed a sensor-based and data protection-compliant technology that allows stationary retailers, event organizers and operators of passenger transport systems to optimize their space utilization, product range and movement flows. Here, movement and behaviour patterns of people are recorded, aggregated, visualized, and analysed in real time and, bases on this, historical analyses, short- and long-term forecasts as well as concrete recommendations for action are created.


5 facts about
our customers

  1. In Germany, customers in five federal states
  2. In Europe, customers in the Netherlands and Denmark
  3. 344 Years of analysed shopping time
  4. More than 16,000 m2 of equipped store space
  5. Over 3.5 million km of paths covered

(as of October 2022)

XPOLI helps physical retailers, event organizers and operators of passenger transport systems realize numerous benefits depending on their individual requirements:

  • Better personnel planning, for example when staffing cash desks
  • Optimized visitor and customer guidance
  • Optimization of ‘touch points’ on the sales floor and better product positioning
  • Time savings, for example by reducing waiting times
  • Increased sales and profitability

Higher conversion rate

Physical Retailer

For many retailers, customer behaviour is a black box, while e-commerce is gaining more and more data about shopping and usage behaviour. Secure valuable information about customer paths, product interests and decision-making behaviour of your customers in stationary retail. Increase your purchase rates and sales as a supermarket, optician and drugstore and become competitive with e-commerce.

Improve the flow of purchases

Reduce waiting times at the checkout

Position pre-cuts in a way that promotes sales

Increase customer satisfaction and conversion rate at the same time

Increase visitor satisfaction


As an organizer of trade fairs and concerts or as a managing director of museum, react to high visitor numbers at an early stage. Optimize visitor guidance on your event space.

Learn in real time when visitor flows increase

Reduce queues at ticket counters and entrances

Optimize processes within your event or exhibition area

Increase the satisfaction of your visitors

Design experiences


As an operator of passenger transportation systems, guide people faster and better in public spaces, for example at train stations and airports. Optimize routing to duty-free stores at airports, as well as space utilization and product positioning in them.

Manage visitor flows earlier and better, especially at peak times

Reduce queues at checkouts and entrances

Optimize your space utilization so that visitors can find stores faster and navigate more conveniently

Improve product positioning and become more profitable

Customised Advertising

Performance Marketing

Identify the most important touchpoints in your retail store on the shopping or sales floor as well as measure the dwell time of customers and visitors. Place advertisements along the individual customer journey by tailoring it to the individual customer thereby actively influencing their purchases.

Get extensive information on customer pathways!

Gain valuable information about the effectiveness of your advertising!

Increase the engagement rate of your customers!

Improve your conversion rate and increase your profitability!